2016-07-01 | MYNTracker


The MYNT tracker proves itself to be a daily necessity, a seamless addition to lives accustomed to connected devices. The bluetooth tracker outranks other similar devices because MYNT can so quickly become an essential, and goes beyond a simple tracker’s duties. For example, MYNT can be assigned three other functions via the user-friendly app, making the device more of an attentive helper rather than just an alarm for your keys. The device allows access to other controls, such as speaker systems or your phone’s camera, even Keynote presentations. In this way, MYNT achieves its true function: to save you time, and more meaningfully connect you to the world around you.

MYNT’s tracker functions though should not be discounted. When separated from your tagged items, the MYNT app alerts you of their locations promptly, and works bidirectionally if you lose your phone. The device can easily be attached using the given adhesive pads or string. Along with its uniquely sleek and thin design (about two quarters thick), MYNT blends into your daily routine and saves you the frenzy of trying to find your valuable belongings or even children. The tracker is a smart companion–– it compliments your lifestyle and provides a no-fuss experience. The device treats your time and possessions as you do–– with care.

With MYNT, you enter a community of people who actively value their lives. If you report something lost on the app, there’s an entire network of people that can help you find any MYNT tracker within 150 feet. And that’s what makes MYNT so effective and essential: it connects you to the things that matter most. Whether it’s your wallet or your community, MYNT keeps you close.