No lost, all found, control everything

Extraordinarily sleek design

On conception, we focused on creating an elegant and modern design that would improve the quality of life of a user. MYNT is streamline and petite, easy to fit in a wallet, attach to a keychain, or affix to a laptop or a TV remote. In addition, MYNT may also be embedded as a part of children’s clothing, or function as a pet tag.

  • 1/8 Inch

  • Inch

  • Inch


Kids wear it
NO LOST kids

MYNT is thin, small, and cute. You may easily place it on clothing, or hide it inside their clothes. The MYNT app on your cellphone will immediately warn you if children move outside of a preset area. The alert system generates real-time alerts.

  • Separation
    phone alert
  • Separation
  • Distance

Attach to valuables,
NO LOST things

MYNT’s back is designed to be flat and with a key ring hole. You can easily attach, stick or hook to all of your valuable items.when you forget to bring keys and wallet, or when your puppy runs away while you are talking to someone, your cell phone will let you know.

  • Separation
    phone alert
  • Separation
  • Distance

Place in car

MYNT makes locating your car more convenient in a parking lot. MYNT app automatically records the location parked. The MYNT app provides an easy-to-use map and walking directions. The app accurately leads you to the car.

  • Separation

Having MYNT
NO LOST phone

Left your phone on the coffee table, forgot taking your phone with you when rushing out home? This won’t happen again with MYNT.MYNT is a bi-directional anti-loss device, so it will prevent you from losing your phone, too. When you can not find your phone, just long press the button on MYNT, your phone will ring to help you locate it.

  • Phone
  • Separation
    MYNT alert

ALL things are FOUND

Attach MYNT to any item that is hard to find, such as a wallet, a passport, or a TV remote, you name it. They will never be able to escape from you again. When you are looking for it, simply press the item icon in MYNT app, the MYNT on the item will beep to help you find it.

  • Item ringer
  • Distance
  • Multi-devices

Lost it? MYNT Community
helps you

The ultimate solution for easy locating of children, pets, and everything.

When you report lost items in MYNT app, all of the MYNT users around the global will help you find it. Each phone with MYNT app installed can detect MYNT within 150 feet. You will have the help of a network supported by hundreds of thousands people.

  • Crowd
  • Instant

The MYNT Multi-Platform

MYNT currently supports iOS, Android, and Mac OS X platforms. The hardware product is seamlessly combined with smooth software application for providing the best user experience.

Additional Cool Functions
Not just a tracker

We want MYNT to become your everyday smart companion. In addition to anti-loss and finder capability, MYNT can also act the following really cool utilities.

Different in colour
Same in exquisite craft

MYNT has four different colors: Silver, Black, Gold, and Blue. All processed with PVD technology on stainless steel, the exact same technology used on iPhone 6 metal cover.

Design patented

The package

Including one extra CR2020 battery, easy-attach string, two adhesive pads



5.5 x 2.5 x 0.35(cm)

Battery life:

Up to 12 months


CR2020 Coin battery

Water proof:



Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth LE)

Work range:

50m (150 ft) – depending on

Supportted platforms:

- Android 4.4.4 and above with BLE

- iOS 8 and above: iPhone5C,
iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhone6,
iPhone6 Plus and newer devices

- Mac OS X 10.9 and above witch
BLE supported (Macbook, iMac,
Mac Pro which manufactured after

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